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Aubrey was born and raised in Wyoming. She loves the desert, the mountains, and the people. Aubrey completed her kundalini yoga teacher training in 2019. She then attended and graduated massage school in 2021. Here she received a certificate for massage therapy, as well as attunement for reiki 1 and 2. Later she received a reiki 3 attunement. As a graduate of Crestone Healing Arts Center her massages are informed by both Chinese medicine, yogic philosophy, and anatomy and physiology.

Aubrey encourages people to approach these modalities with an open mind, incorporating them into their own lives to experience the many benefits for themselves.

Aubrey has a deep gratitude for the difference these healing practices have made in her life, and continues to learn and integrate at sacred tree the bodywork and spiritual practices she utilizes for her own health and well being.

Sacred Tree Wyoming is a holistic massage practice in Casper Wyoming, located inside the WyOming Yoga and Wellness building downtown. The offerings available at Sacred Tree are informed by eastern and western traditions.

The bodywork at sacred tree provides relief from both physical and psychological pain. The methods practiced have ancient roots and help to establish lasting healing based on a return to wholeness of body and mind.

This holistic approach to healing comes from an intimate understanding that everything is interconnected. Our misunderstanding of our separation from the whole can disturb the natural flow. Re-establishing our connection to wholeness creates ease in both body and mind. This basic ease mitigates pain, stress, and anxiety, establishing in its place a natural sense of well being. It is this natural sense of well being which provides us the opportunity to touch the deepest part of ourselves and allows us to heal from the inside out!




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